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Official Futon Industry Magazine Since 1989

Learn everything there is to know about futon furniture before you buy! Extensive information on industry leading futon frames, futon covers, and futon mattresses are inside.
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                Hot Topic:  Is Futon Cover - Reinvented?
     New addition to futon industry. See what you think about this
     zipper-less futon cover with skirt. Is it a "better" futon cover or not?

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View online Non-biased articles on every type of futon mattress, futon frame, and futon cover available. Covering trends, market and futon shows since 1989.



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We are proud to offer an exceptional line of products. Our goal is to help you create a space that's beautiful, functional, comfortable and personal.
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Informative articles on futons, assembly instructions, choosing mattresses, options and quality aspects.

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Get excusive poll and survey results latest news. Cast your vote, see immediate results for current market price. What is the hottest selling price point for a full futon sofa bed set. Reasons fore buying futons, etc.

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Strolling down the memory lane

Volume 1 Number 1, Spring 1989 Futon Expo 5 -
Premier Issue: "Where are we headed next?"
We covered some very basic, common sense topics in the first issue. In fact, we still continue to cover some very basic common sense issues even now. I guess the difference is we didn't know how valuable the basics were back then. Retail Perspective was born with the intent to help futon retailers sell more futons and develop a professional strategy for growth. Business to Business began as a series of articles on business and financial issues. In the first issue we covered a topic we will cover again soon, "How to Write a Business Plan".... Read More



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